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COVINGTON, La. – May 8, 2024 – For craftworkers performing storm restoration, Tempest Storm Rentals is launching the TSR Mobile Store consisting of a fleet of mobile warehouses carrying everything from crimping kits and batteries to FR clothing and tire chains. The aim of the 24-by-7 mobile tool-and-gear shops is providing most of what a craftworker might need while performing restoration work.

“Storm restoration can take days, weeks, or months, and craftworkers often need tools because something breaks, is lost, or a piece of gear wears out,” says Kevin Hollingshead, director of Operations for TSR. “Everyone in the field working a storm is potentially a customer for the TSR Mobile Store.”

TSR will strategically position its TSR Mobile Store as close to the hardest hit areas of a storm, or equidistant from the points of a multi-region event. According to Hollingshead, TSR President Bill Cain saw a need to create the TSR Mobile Store during an “after action review.” The TSR Mobile Store will work independently of and complement the Tempest Energy command center. TSR and Tempest Energy are both members of the Tempest family of companies along with Tempest Utility Consulting. TSR will notify craftworkers about the location of the TSR Mobile Store, and they can search the online catalogue to order and pay for tools, PPE, and other gear. Once purchased, TSR Mobile Store staff will deliver orders within a 40-mile radius to crews. Craftworkers can also drive to the TSR Mobile Store, which is fully equipped and capable of processing orders and payments by credit card.

“If craftworkers need a tool they’d ordinarily find on a bucket truck, then we’ll likely have it in the TSR Mobile Store,” Hollingshead adds. “We can help them replenish what they need from a variety of tool manufacturers we stock.”

Even while mobilizing to reach a region engaged in restoration activities, the TSR Mobile Store will begin taking orders from craftworkers. To place orders, craftworkers can use the Tempest Storm Tools app, available in the Apple App Store, which is activated through a satellite communication system. TSR will set up its mobile warehouses in locations that are convenient for crews without interfering with restoration activities.

“Our fleet will go wherever we can best support crews and restoration work across the nation,” Hollingshead says.

About Tempest Storm Rentals

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Built to run like the utility companies it serves, TSR commits itself to meeting utility industry standards and has the equipment to support its clients during storm response and daily operations. TSR is part of the Tempest family of companies that provides a full range of storm response and utility consulting services. For more information, visit